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know your blindspots

The optimal oversight of information technology requires an outside set of eyes. Consultants usually see a much wider cross-section of the industry, and are exposed to a larger variety of potential problems and opportunities. Working together with the IT director or sys admin, OCC focuses on providing possible improvements rather than ascribing fault.

  • Standards Compliance
  • Security Auditing
  • Growth Planning
  • Startup Consulting
  • Cost management
  • Reorganization


Seasoned Systems Engineers

With degrees from top engineering schools in the country plus decades of experience with business information systems, our engineers are helping clients adjust to the constantly changing landscape of technology.

Partner support

Partners like Cisco, Dell, HP, Microsoft, Juniper, and others allow our firm to have contacts and resources to leverage in seeking illusive remedy or opportunity.

Cost Conscious

OCC works with hundreds of businesses at different risk levels and productivity needs. Every budget is different and upfront pricing rather than endless hourly billing is our preferred structure.

Keeping data private

Without an outside perspective, security holes can go completely unnoticed. Our security experts will try exactly what attackers might in order to breach our clients' networks. With new tools and methods of intrusion every day, staying vigilant is no longer optional.